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Intermediate Leadership course 2-2021

An opportunity for personal development

26.10.2021 | Msgt. Moises Gomez

My name is Msgt. Moises Gomez, I have been enlisted in the United States Air Force for 19 years, and the past 5 years I have been working with the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force.

I was very grateful and fortunate to be able to participate in this International Leadership Course.

Each member of the staff demonstrated their professionalism and enthusiasm. They ensured everything was cognitively understood before proceeding forward and encouraged an interactive environment. Feedback was given in a constructive manner and expectations were clearly communicated.  Everyone, including the course director conveyed subject matter expertise and presented an attitude that they were happy to be a part of our learning environment.  In addition, those involved with hospitality ensured a positive learning environment was met by providing outstanding support with living conditions, food and an arrangement of activities.

When I was first asked to participate in this leadership course, I was curious how it would compare to similar classes. I quickly learned that this course was different, in a good way and also reiterated some key areas that I had already learned, but with a twist! The exercises which encouraged me to recognize my own personality, in order to help understand an appropriate approach for working with others was similar to ones that I have experienced, through my MBA.

I believe that one of the most positive differences between this course, and the ones offered through my MBA is that this course offered the opportunity to learn leadership through a focused lens; the lens of understanding different country’s leadership styles based on cultures, values and beliefs. This also extends into recognizing the vast similarities within these cultures. This learning angle was reiterated by having the unique opportunity of being engulfed in these cultural differences. Seeing, feeling and hearing stories, beliefs, and leadership style methods directly from military members of other cultures was truly enlightening.

Another benefit to learning leadership through this focused lens is the ability to understand the differences in each leadership style and culture based on military service. This is especially helpful, and useful when establishing expectations, giving feedback and building teams in a multi-cultural military environment.

I know I have focused a lot on the academics of this course, however, just as important and insightful was the opportunity given to spend a lot of time with other course mates. The planned activities were well thought-out and served a two part purpose for me. First, they broke up the monotony of what otherwise may be perceived of a learning environment.  And two, it gave me the opportunity to mingle with others from different cultures, backgrounds, military services and allowed time to discuss, amongst each other what was learned in the classroom.

I am truly grateful for this experience.

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