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Published on 24 April 2024

Military Aviation Authority (MAA)

The MAA in its regulatory role provides, through coordination with FOCA, the framework within which the Air Force and other state players in military aviation can evolve as freely, efficiently and safely as possible.

Compliance & Controlling

Compliance & Controlling (CCM) supports the executive board of the MAA in the governance of quality aspects.


Airworthiness is the ability of an aviation system to provide safe operations for the intended use under approved conditions and limitations. New or modified Swiss military aircraft are subject to an airworthiness certification process leading to a military type certificate.

Air Operation

By all the technical evolution and different interests in airspace, energy and nature protection the OPS branch within the Swiss MAA preserves the military interests and requirement for the best operational performance of the Swiss Air Force.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Infrastructure

In the evolving environment of airspace structure optimisation and dynamic airspace management, the ATM & Infrastructure Authority within the Swiss MAA preserves the all-important access to airspace for military aircraft, according to current and future operational requirements and in the primary interest of air sovereignty. By doing so, it makes a vital contribution to the operational performance of the Swiss Air Force, while maintaining the required level of safety.

Defence Aviation Safety Management

In addition to creating favourable conditions for ensuring the necessary operational capability, the MAA is also responsible for safety oversight (“policy”).

Military Aviation Autority MAA

Military Aviation Authority
Military Airbase
Building UeG
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