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Published on 27 August 2018


Defence Attaché Operations

The Defence Attachés (DAs) build a crisis resistant and alliance-independent network that is focused on the needs of Swiss security policy and our armed forces, run and ensure its performance and effective development. This network is also the merit of the DAs and prerequisite for their further activities. It is based on their direct access to the defence ministries and general staffs. Such access is important for recognising crises at an early stage, mastering them and for bilateral cooperation.

Flight Safety

The Flight Safety Division (FSH) focuses on the policy, Military Aviation Safety Management, Investigation, training, videos, as well as other information and publications.

Unexploded ordnance

Duds are munitions that have not exploded or have not exploded completely, for example because they have landed in water, snow or soft ground. Unexploded ordnance and ammunition remnants can be found on former and active firing ranges, in target areas in the mountains and on glaciers. Dangerous relics from the service era also turn up time and again during clearances in attics and cellars. This type of «reminder» is prohibited, because unexploded ordnance is very dangerous and does not belong in the hands of amateurs! What was dangerous in the past may still be dangerous today. Do the right thing and protect yourself and others.

Armed Forces and the environment