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Military police special detachment (MP spec det)

The Military police special detachement (MP spec det) conducts its mission abroad and at home, both autonomously and in cooperation with other operational forces.

For this purpose the MP spec det need especially selected and trained personnel. After a medical check up, candidates for the MP spec det satisfying basic requirements are subjected to a strenuous four-day practical mental and physical selection test.

After passing selection and aptitude test graduates enter a 40-week basic training course followed by special courses and training in the fields of military and civilian close protection, intervention and access technique for static, dynamic and evolving situations, emergency medical training, infantry technique, survival, reconnaissance shooting, close combat, rope and helicopter techniques. Also further subjects like mental training, communication and psychology, law, as well as tactical education and leadership are part of the training.

After basic training the member of the MP spec det are being assigned to the operational units and receive specialist training as medic, breaching techniques specialist, driving specialist, sniper or communication specialist. The MP sec det is composed of former members of civilian police corps having passed police academy as wells military police officers who passed military police academy. 

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