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10th Armed Forces Reconnaissance Detachement

Completion of the demanding tasks of the ARD 10 demands above average mental and physical performance. Therefore, the future members ARD 10 are submitted a rigorous, multi-step selection process, which is carried out once a year.

The candidates undergo a detailed screening of their physical, psychological and intellectual performance levels. Apart from the basic requirements, they have to pass a two day pre-selection, a medical examination at the Aeromedical Centre (AMC), a psychological screening and a 19-day practical selection course. A selection as Armed Forces Recon operator is only possible after passing all those tests.

Successful candidates are hired as technical NCO or officers for the duration of their ensuing basic training. Once concluded, subsequent specialist and infiltration training follows. For each participant basic training has the same structure and lasts 52 weeks. Already after 6 months participants of the basic training course are ready for a reduced range of tasks. Along with practical training in various operational techniques (protection reconnaissance patrol, combat, signals, survival medical service etc.) the focus is on contents such as law, ethnology, intercultural skills, international security policy, languages and communicative techniques, tactics and leadership.

After basic training the members of the ARD 10 are assigned to one of the platoons, while continuing their specialist training. During this stage platoon infiltration techniques, unit training at the operational detachment level as well as individual specialization either as medical specialist, signalman, explosives expert or marksman, are intensively consolidated and put to practice in varied situations. 

Today, serving members of the ARD 10 hold ranks from sergeant to lieutenant colonel, and come from a wide range of occupational backgrounds from craftsman to university graduates.

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Armed Forces Reconnaissance Detachment 10 (ARD 10)
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