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The FLIR Technical Service

Super Puma FLIR


The FLIR Technical Service, attached to the Air Force Staff, is a part of air-based reconnaissance and surveillance. It assists the Swiss Armed Forces, the police forces and the Border Patrol with TH 06 Super Puma operations in which the FLIR III system is used. The system's permanent availability is often used for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in the event of unforeseeable incidents and when people in emergency situations need assistance. In order to fulfil these challenging tasks in support of the armed forces, civilian authorities and the general public, it is essential that the crews and other experts involved are highly trained, and the procedures and technical equipment are up-to-date.

As the centre of competence for FLIR operations, we are responsible for:

  • Training our professional FLIR systems operators (Berufsbordoperateure FLIR (BBO FLIR); available in German, French and Italian) and external partners;
  • Preparing the professional FLIR systems operators' duty schedule, which makes permanent readiness possible;
  • Devising operational concepts and procedures;
  • Ensuring the technical development of the systems.


What does FLIR mean?

Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), has become a synonym for thermal imaging systems. The third generation sensor packages used today, include not only infrared (IR) but also various electro-optical imaging sensors. The sensors provide superior image stabilisation in response to helicopter movement and vibration, thus allowing high-resolution long-range images to be taken.