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Anti-Aircraft Training Unit 33

Anti-Aircraft Training Unit 33 (AA TU 33) provides training for all Swiss Armed Forces anti-aircraft resources. The training unit's mission is to provide operationally ready units for ground-based air defence (GBAD).

Stinger fire unit in operation
Stinger fire unit in operation

Together with the Air Force and the Land Forces, Anti-Aircraft Training Unit 33 devises the operational doctrine and the training instructions for ground-based air defence. Operations for the protection of forces, facilities and areas are carried out in a mission-oriented mixed anti-aircraft forces set-up that comprises several systems and units with its own command staff.

Anti-Aircraft Training Unit 33 is responsible for general basic training (GBT), functional basic training  (FBT), and unit training (UT) of all-weather and visual air defence, the training of mobile and light anti-aircraft guided missile and medium calibre anti-aircraft battalions, and training in refresher courses (RC). In this way, training is provided by one source and authorities responsible for doctrine can directly integrate lessons learned from the task forces into the basic training.

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Badge Lehrverband Fliegerabwehr 33

Lehrverband Fliegerabwehr 33 Betriebsgebäude Neuadligen
CH-6032 Emmen
+41 58 467 27 20


Lehrverband Fliegerabwehr 33

Betriebsgebäude Neuadligen
CH-6032 Emmen

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