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The future of Dübendorf Air Base

Federal Council decision of 14 October 2020 on the future use of the Dübendorf Air Base

On 14 October 2020, the Federal Council made the decision to discontinue the sectoral plan procedure and not to convert the Dübendorf Air Base into a civil airfield and federal base. This decision was made in view of significant and unforeseen changes in the situation. The communes affected had also expressed major reservations about the project. For these reasons, the Federal Council has terminated its cooperation with Flugplatz Dübendorf AG (FDAG), which had previously been awarded a contract to operate the airfield in the future. A ruling of the Administrative Court of the Canton of Zurich in July 2020 put the brakes on the realisation of the Innovation Park on this site. It is the view of the Federal Council that the current project needs to be reworked in order to accommodate these changes; it has instructed DETEC and the DDPS to work with the Canton of Zurich to restart the process.

In 2014, the Federal Council decided to convert the current Dübendorf Air Base to accommodate an ‘innovation park’, a federal military base and a civil airfield. Following a public tender, Flugplatz Dübendorf AG was awarded the contract to operate the civil airfield. The Federal Council then instructed the DDPS to conclude the necessary contracts, and DETEC to initiate planning. In 2016, the Federal Council defined the purpose of the airfield in the Sectoral Plan for Aviation Infrastructure and in the Sectoral Plan for the Military.

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