Alpnach Air Base


Alpnach Air Base is the Swiss Armed Forces and Swiss Air Forces' center of expertise for air transport. The service provided at Alpnach are supplemented by the Air Force's partner RUAG Aviation Helicopter Center.

Fixed-wing aircraft, with the exception of jets, also operate from Alpnach Air Base.

At Alpnach, the air and ground crews of Alpnach/Dübendorf Air Base Command provide support for the following tasks carried out by Cougar, Super Puma and EC635 helicopters:

  • Missions in Switzerland an abroad
  • Training of professional an conscript units
  • Pilot school basic training
  • Further and advanced training (re-training and upgrading courses, night and load flights, etc.) 
  • Operation and preparation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft 24/7
  • Maintenance, repair and trouble-shooting
  • Contacs of expertise (helicopters, small UAVs, mobile field hangars, mobile air transport deployment command posts)
  • Guaranteeing the readiness of the stand-by service (SAR readiness: team and aircraft ready for operation at air base within 1 hour, regular readiness: team and aircraft ready for operation at air base within 8 hours from alert)


Alternating with Dübendorf and Payerne military air bases, regular search and rescue flights are carried out round the clock 365 days a year, which requires that our specialists and partners can be rapidly called up and deployed at all times.

Alpnach Air Base Command is supported by the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation (AFLO) by the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation (AFCSO). Skyguide is in charge of air traffic control.

Alpnach is home base to Air Transport Command 2 / Air Transport Wing 2 with AT Squadron 6 and AT Squadron 8.


Flight operation hours
Flight operation hours for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft

Usual flight operations: Mon-Fri 7:30-12am / 1:15-5pm.

Air transport missions according to operational needs, such as search and rescue operations and flights in support of emergency response services, Border Guard, police, etc., are flown round the clock.

Night flight operations hours for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
October-March: Wed + Thurs until 10pm
April, May, August and September: Wed (reserve day Thurs) 8:30-11pm

Current flight activities
Information on current extraordinary flight activities is available on our information platform Aktuelle Flugaktivitäten (not availabe in English)


Anfahrtsweg Flpl Alpnach




Kurse und Dienstleistungen
    KVK/ADF 28.05.18 bis 22.06.18
KVK 07.01.19 bis 10.01.19 KVK 11.06.19 bis 14.06.19
ADF 11.01.19 bis 30.01.19 ADF 17.06.19 bis 05.07.19
Unterstellte Verbände
LT Kdo 2   LT Kdo 3
LT Geschw 2 LT Geschw 3
- LT St 6 - LT St 3
- LT St 8    - LT St 4
- LT Kp 2    - LT Kp 3
LT Abt 2 LT Abt 3
- LT Sup Kp 2 - LT Sup Kp 3
- LT Log Kp 2  - LT Log Kp 3
- LT Ustü Kp 2 - LT Ustü Kp 3
LT Si Kp 2 LT Si Kp 3
Fl RS 81
VBA Herbst 24.09.18 bis 26.10.18
VBA Frühjahr 15.04.19 bis 10.05.19
VBA Herbst 23.09.19 bis 18.10.19

Für Fragen zu Ihrer Dienstleistung (inkl. Dienstverschiebung) wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an die Hotline Personelles der Armee.

0800 424 111 (Mo - Fr 08:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 17:00)


Restaurant Alouette

Herr Thomas Stäger
Militärflugplatz Alpnach
CH-6055 Alpnach Dorf

Tel:           +41 58 466 57 20
Handy:    +41 79 374 77 11


Badge Flugplatzkommando 2

Alpnach Air Base Schweizer Luftwaffe
Militärflugplatz Alpnach
Eichistrasse 13
CH-6055 Alpnach Dorf
+41 58 466 55 11


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Alpnach Air Base

Schweizer Luftwaffe
Militärflugplatz Alpnach
Eichistrasse 13
CH-6055 Alpnach Dorf

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