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The Aeromedical Center

The Aeromedical Center (AMC) in Duebendorf is the Swiss center of excellence for the medical and psychological assessment of men and women with regard to safety and performance in military and civil aviation, transport and management.

The Swiss Air Force Aeromedical Center
The Swiss Air Force Aeromedical Center

Evaluation in the AIM SPHAIR test room
Evaluation in the AIM SPHAIR test room

In 1922, the AMC was mentioned for the first time as an institute established to evaluate the aptitude and health of professional air force pilot candidates. From the outset, strict selection procedures and intensive support for the pilots have been the aim, so as to ensure missions are accomplished in the challenging environment of military aviation and to positively influence flight safety.

Today, the AMC comprises flight medicine and flight psychology sections and the AMC director’s staff. A team of some 35 specialists is made up of aviation physicians, psychologists and medical experts, sports scientists, physiotherapists and technical support and secretariat staff. The AMC is a key mission-oriented element in the air force, and in civilian aviation it is also fully recognised as an aeromedical center in accordance with the guidelines of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).   

Carrying out aptitude and fitness tests for members of the military flight service and other military specialists, providing healthcare for flying crews, and conducting research and training in the aviation medicine and psychology sectors in Switzerland and abroad are the AMC’s main military tasks. On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), the AMC, as a civilian aeromedical center, carries out aptitude and fitness evaluations of civilian professional pilots (Class 1) according to the international standards (EASA, FAA). As a consequence, the AMC is well networked and works closely with military and civilian partners both nationally and internationally. The AMC’s clientele includes military pilots, parascouts, load masters, prospective general staff course participants, members of special forces, civilian private and airliner pilots, and air traffic controllers. 

In addition to the modern SPHAIR test facility, the AMC has a contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art flight medicine and flight psychology capabilities, including medical devices, laboratories and X-ray machines, and equipment for aptitude tests, training and instruction. The AMC’s low pressure chamber, which is the only such device in Switzerland, is used for educating pilots about hypoxia, for research and for testing materials and equipment as regards their suitability for aviation purposes.

The AMC carries out applied research into human performance in aviation, test development and hypoxia. Its experts participate in national and international specialist events and make their findings publicly available.

The AMC attaches great importance to civilian vocational training. It provides basic and specialist training to prospective commercial staff, medical assistants, and psychologists. The AMC also provides medical training in occupational and general medicine, and basic courses for aeromedical exAMCners according to the EASA guidelines.

The AMC is a member of the Flight Safety Board, the air force commanding officers’ body, and the armed forces crisis and care organisation, and participates in armed forces humanitarian operations in assistance of the FDFA.

Parascouts landing in formation
Parascouts landing in formation

Pilot training in the low pressure chamber
Pilot training in the low pressure chamber

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Aeromedical Center (AMC)

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