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Swiss EOD Center

Explosive ordnance disposal and mine action

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Mine Action Command (EOD Command) of the NBC EOD Centre of Competence is responsible for training and maintaining skills relating to the destruction of ammunition in Switzerland and abroad. In Switzerland the experts of the EOD Command operate the National Unexploded Ordnance Recording Centre (BMZ) and key mine action positions and serve in peace support operations throughout the world.

Commander: Colonel Daniel Widmer 

The four areas of expertise of the EOD Command

National Unexploded Ordnance Recording Centre (BMZ)

The BMZ receives reports on unexploded ordnance from all over Switzerland and ensures that reported ordnance is rapidly and professionally disposed of. Furthermore, the centre supervises and supports military clearing operations of the forces (clearing of shooting ranges) with EOD Command specialists and offers advice in exceptional cases.

International explosive ordnance disposal

With its specialised small detachments the Swiss EOD Center is ready to provide assistance in peace support operations (PSO). As well rehearsed high tech team the EOD experts accompany the international peace forces and are responsible for rapid and professional disposal of explosive ordnance that threaten the safety and mobility of both troops and civilians.

Humanitarian Mine Action

EOD Command experts conduct international mine action operations. As supervisors or technical advisers they carry out various tasks such as training local demining specialists, evaluate the observance of international demining standards or make extensive reports on the danger situation and measures that should be taken in the areas affected.

Training and maintaining skills

As part of the NBC EOD Centre of Competence of the Armed Forces the EOD Command does basic work relating to explosive ordnance disposal, mine action and military demining. This includes basic and progressive training of specialists and management of a documentation centre for Swiss and foreign types of ordnance, detection and destruction methods.


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Swiss EOD Center ABC-Zentrum
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 58 468 16 71
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Swiss EOD Center

CH-3700 Spiez

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