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More about MILAC

Core tasks

MILAC is the educational institution for career officers of the Swiss Armed Forces, and runs the following courses and programmes:

  • the 7 semester Bachelor course of study in Public Policy (BAC, 45 months) in conjunction with ETH Zurich
  • the 3 semester Diploma Course (DC, 20 months) with an integrated «Diploma of Advanced Studies ETH in military sciences» in conjunction with ETH Zurich
  • Military School (MS) lasting 20 months
  • the ten-week advanced training course 1 (ATC 1)
  • the six-week advanced training course 2 (ATC 2)
  • the eight-week basic course module of the advanced training course 3 (ATC 3 BM)
  • various advanced training courses (ATS) lasting between one and several days


MILAC is an internationally recognized centre of competence for military sciences. The academy pursues research and education within the following teaching and research units:

  • Leadership and Communication
  • Military History
  • Military Psychology and  Military Pedagogy
  • Defense Economics
  • Military Sociology
  • Strategic Studies


MILAC is the centre of competence for the assessment centres of the armed forces and operates the following centres:

  • Assessment centre for career officers (ACABO)
  • Assessment centre for career NCOs (ACABU)
  • Assessment centre for general staff officers (AC Gst Of)
  • Assessment centre for defence attachés (ACAVA)