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More about MILAC

Core tasks

MILAC is the educational institution for career officers of the Swiss Armed Forces, and runs the following courses and programmes:

  • the three-and-a-half-year BA course of study in Public Policy (BAC) in conjunction with ETH Zurich
  • the one-and-a-half-year Diploma Course (DC) with an integrated «Diploma of Advanced Studies ETH in military sciences» in conjunction with ETH Zurich
  • Military School, lasting 20 months
  • the ten-week advanced training course 1 (ATC 1)
  • the six-week advanced training course 2 (ATC 2)
  • the eight-week basic course module of the advanced training course 3 (ATC 3 BM)
  • various advanced training courses (ATS) lasting between one and several days


MILAC is an internationally recognized centre of competence for military sciences. The academy pur-sues research and education within the following teaching and research units:

  • Leadership and Communication Studies
  • Military History
  • Economics of Defence
  • Military Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Military Sociology
  • Strategic Studies


MILAC is the centre of competence for the assessment centres of the armed forces and operates the following centres:

  • Assessment centre for career officers (ACABO)
  • Assessment centre for career NCOs (ACABU)
  • Assessment centre for general staff officers (AC Gst Of)
  • Assessment centre for defence attachés (ACAVA)