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Dr. Peter Stöckli


Peter Stöckli has been working as a research assistant in the military psychology and education department at the military academy of the ETH Zurich since January 2012. He studied social and economic psychology and Japanese studies at the University of Zurich and completed his degree in the Faculty of Arts in 2008. His subsequent dissertation at the Institute for Psychology of the University of Zurich dealt with various influential factors in negotiations.

Main Areas of Research

Peter Stöckli conducts research in the areas of negotiation management and personnel selection. He is responsible for the management, evaluation and further development of various assessment centres including the Assessment Centre for Prospective Career Officers (ACABU), the Assessment Centre for General Staff Officers (AC Gst Of) and the Assessment Centre for Prospective Defence Attachés (ACAVA).


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Wissenschaftlicher Assistent Assessment Center

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