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Prof. Dr. Hubert Annen


1985–1990 Teacher
1990–1996 Study of psychology, education and neuropsychology at the University of Zurich
1996–1999 Lecturer for leadership at the Technikum Winterthur
1996–1999 Research assistant in the Department for Leadership and Communication at MILAK; doctorate on personnel evaluation
1996–date Head of research at the Assessment Centre for Prospective Career Officers (ACABO)
1999–date Lecturer for military psychology and education at MILAK
2003–date Executive member of the International Military Testing Association (IMTA)
2007/2008 Research stay at the University of South Florida, Tampa
2007–2012 President of Arbeitskreis Assessment Centre Schweiz (Swiss Assessment)
2008–2013 Head of research and teaching at MILAK
2010–date Scientific Head of the Assessment Centre for Prospective Military Attachés (ACAVA) and the Assessment Centre for Prospective General Staff Officers (AC Gst Of)
2012–date Scientific Head of the Assessment Centre for Prospective Career Officers (ACABU)
2014-2015 Visiting professor at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point/NY

1985–1990 Lieutenant, platoon leader in the bicycle infantry
1991–1993 Lieutenant colonel (ABC Of Div Stabsbat 4)
1993–1996 Armed Forces psychological and educational service (PPD A), integration advisor and team manager, Drognens military training area
1996–1999 Captain, military research working group of the land forces command (MWA)
1999–2003 Major, troop information service officer (Vsg Rgt 6)
2003–2006 Lieutenant colonel, head of media (Ter Reg 4)
2007–2008 Officer (Of z Vf Kdt Inf Br 4)
2008–date Colonel, head of research (PPD A)

Main Areas of Research

Basic principles of military psychology and education

  • Introduction to psychological thought
  • Relevant motivation factors in everyday civilian and military life
  • Fundamentals of stress and overcoming it
  • Stress during military deployment
  • Military education – possibilities and limitations
  • Dealing with authority, power and obedience
  • Values and virtues

Personnel assessment and selection

  • Quality criteria in the evaluation process
  • Assessment errors and countermeasures
  • Feedback

Stress and resilience

  • Stress at work
  • Burnout - Symptoms and prevention
  • Resilience – Factors of psychological resilience and measures to strengthen it


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Dozent Militärpsychologie und Militärpädagogik

Military Academy (MILAC) at the ETH Zurich Kaserne Reppischtal
8903 Birmensdorf
+41 58 484 82 31