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Defense Economics

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From an institutional point of view, the economic analysis of the military as an organization examines possibilities and limits of economic action within a military organization. Real-world problems of defense economics and management can thus be traced back to institutional and performance problems. This analysis yields institutional design recommendations for organizational practice.

The department also focuses on providing research that helps to advance the security of the state and society. It analyzes modern economic warfare techniques based on 'de facto' measures. By quantitative simulation and analysis, the resilience of critical infrastructures is assessed. The analysis of all three areas reveals strategic vulnerabilities and thus contributes to the development of defense strategies against hybrid attacks.

Main Areas of Research

Under the direction of PD Dr. M.M. Keupp, The Military Economics Lectureship deals with the following research topics. Results of the projects are published extensively in books and articles in scientific journals.

• Strategic technology and innovation management
• Institutional economics
• Economic analysis of legal and regulatory requirements
• Security of critical infrastructure
• Modern economic warfare
• Economics of Cybersecurity


Head of Defense Economics

Military Academy (MILAC) at ETH Zurich Kaserne Reppischtal
CH-8903 Birmensdorf
+41 58 484 82 47