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Gebäude der ETH Zürich
ETH Zürich

Research is the foundation of teaching. At MILAC applied research is pursued in six areas. Research findings flow seamlessly into the lessons and work of the career officers.

Main areas of research

Leadership and Communication

  • Leadership – theory and practice (principles and application)
  • Leadership ethics / leadership responsibility / military ethics
  • Conflict and crisis management
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Communication and leadership processes in social economics and military settings
  • Leadership and communication in crises and extreme situation

Military History

  • Comparative history of warfare and the development of armed forces of the Western world in the ninceteenth and twentieth centuries
  • The transnational history of military knowledge in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • The history of the Swiss army in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Military thinking in Switzerland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • German warfare in the age of the World Wars

Defense Economics

  • Military and economic analysis of the Russian Federation
  • Russo-Ukrainian war
  • Security of critical infrastructures
  • Security of supply
  • Institutional economics

Military Psychology and Pedagogy

  • Implementation, evaluation and further development of assessment centres in various areas of management selection
  • Quality characteristics of selection and assessment processes (e.g. evaluation of instruments for militia cadre selection)
  • Key motivational factors and ways of influencing them
  • Influence of personality factors on job satisfaction and success
  • Negotiation management and strategies and persuasion techniques in a military context
  • Stress and stress management in a military context
  • Recording and training of resilience in the military
  • Values and virtues in the army and their impact on military education and organisational culture
  • Coaching of military professional cadres

Military Sociology

  • Public opinion in foreign affairs, national security and defense strategy
  • The Swiss Armed Forces transformation and militia system
  • Civil-military relations
  • Recruitment and personnel retention
  • Cultural Diversity in Armed Forces
  • Social media and military

Strategic Studies

  • History of strategy and theory of war ("strategic theory")
  • War in Ukraine: Operations analysis, forecasting and geopolitical consequences
  • Armed conflicts in the MENA region and irregular warfare
  • Development of Chinese Armed Forces : Global Presence and Strategic Cooperation
  • Transformation of the Swiss armed forces and their core competence of defence, since the end of the Cold War