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Training programmes

Basic career officer training


The partnership with ETH Zurich allows the Military Academy (MILAC) at ETH Zurich to integrate some of its courses in Swiss university education.


Basic education


Further education

Three basic training courses

Depending on prior education, three different basic training courses are available for future career officers of the Swiss Armed Forces.

  • five-semester Bachelor course (BLG, 45 months) with integrated diploma «Bachelor of Arts in Public Public Policy ETH Zurich»
  • two-semester Diploma course (DLG, 20 months) with integrated «Diploma of advanced Studies in  Military Sciences ETH Zurich»
  • twenty-month Military school (MS; suspended as of 2024)

Further education and training courses

In addition to basic training courses, MILAC also offers advanced training courses and continuing education courses. The basic prerequisite for further training courses is that the selection criteria are met.

  • 10-week advanced training course 1 (WAL 1)
  • 6-week advanced training course 2 (WAL 2)
  • 8-week basic module advanced training course 3 (WAL 3 GM)
  • various one-day or several-day advanced training

Overview of the courses