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International courses for professional NCOs

With the increasing importance of foreign missions of the armed forces within the framework of international security cooperation, the training requirements in the field of interoperability keep increasing accordingly. The professional NCO School (BUSA) is responsible for large parts of the training in the field of interoperability.

The focus of international training for professional non-commissioned officers is on achieving the ability to work together (interoperability).

The training programme offers only courses within the Roadmap for Interoperability framework at Levels 1 and 2  including the following:

  • Military Terminology Training for career NCOs.
  • NCO Intermediate Leadership course in a multinational environment
  • NCO Advanced Leadership course in a multinational environment

The "Terminology Training" is reserved exclusively for Swiss NCOs with the appropriate language skills.

The Leadership courses are offered internationally within the framework of the Partnership for Peace and are therefore open to Swiss as well as international participants.


NCO Leadership Courses