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Training and Education Command

The Training and Education Command is responsible for planning, steering and carrying out standardised training and education of troops of all ranks, including officers, units and staffs. The Armed Forces College (AFC), the five training units, the Armed Forces Training Centre and Armed Forces Personnel all report to the Chief of Training and Education Command.

Success begins with us! In accordance with the guiding principles of the Training and Education Command, we are committed to providing excellent planning, controlling and implementation of the training we provide for service members of all ranks, including officers, units and staffs.

About the Training and Education Command

Military training is worth it – at every step of the way!

The Training and Education Command's main mission is the training of military personnel. From recruiting and basic training to instruction for career officers and NCOs as well as senior staff officers.

The TEC is responsible for the development of training objectives and planning principles. It also supervises the necessary infrastructure.

In addition, the TEC controls the numbers of professional personnel and the conscription formations. Furthermore, it provides support for all conscripts of the Swiss Armed Forces.

The TEC includes the Armed Forces College (AFC), five training units, training centres as well as personnel, operational, and career management of the Swiss Armed Forces.



Chief of Training and Education Command

Training and Education Command Papiermühlestrasse 14
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 480 49 16