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NCOS - TT BU 1_2022 in Switzerland/ Herisau

TT BU, a course which should be attended by everyone

21.02.2022 | Communication NCOS, CWO Markus Riesen

Participants TT BU
Participants TT BU


My experience with TTC NCO (SWO Giovanora Leonardo)

I will be starting with this prologue:

In my military career (23 years of service), I have already attended many courses in the Swiss Army, but never such an interesting and motivating one!

The professionalism of the teachers is outstanding. You can feel the passion with which they not only teach but also create a really pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.

How often have you participated in courses where the teacher did not have the required level of experience in the field?  Well, this is not the case.

The person standing in front of you knows what they are talking about, because they have first-hand experience themselves, and that in itself is a strong motivation to join in! You can hear about this experience, which we professional soldiers value so much, in their own words.

It is an unpretentious course, what you see is what it is.  Of course, it requires commitment in wanting to learn but the commitment comes by itself, when you are confronted with interesting subjects that take you out of your bubble "Swiss army", and, yes that's right, we career military are too confronted with our daily lives.

For me, the course was a revelation. You always hear people talking about NATO but what is NATO?

During this course, my eyes were opened and I realised that NATO is not just an acronym but an enormous organisation with a huge number of branches, of which we in the Swiss Army are a part, not as members but as partners.

Now you realise the endless possibilities open to you as a professional soldier if you take part in such a course. What's more, you don't have to go to any lengths to take part! If you have a basic knowledge of English, apply to your Training Unit and that’s it!

What has this course offered me in terms of professional development? A lot!

Here is a small summary of the topics covered:

  • NATO's bases with its unbelievable number of branches and history.
  • NATO's missions and its respective partners and members.
  • How to prepare and write a report for an international audience.
  • The abbreviations in use at NATO.

How to introduce yourself and Switzerland in front of an international
audience, which is not as easy as it sounds.  Additionally, during one of
the presentations you also have the chance of being given feedback by
the BUSA colonel who is an officer working in international settings
which is something I really appreciate.

I’ve also improved my English with the help of Ms Vavitsa, a very competent person.


You may wonder: “what good is it to me”?

Well, you may not see the advantage of it now, but believe me, it is worth it! Had I known about the course earlier, I wouldn’t have waited that long to take it but I would’ve taken the opportunity much earlier.

I'll share with you this quote from my instructor that really struck me:

“Attending this course will not make you the best NCO (non-commissioned officer; if you want to know what that is come to the course) but you will be able to operate in an international environment”.


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