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Operational Studies & Training


Operational Studies and Training is headed by the Chief of Staff of Operational Studies and Training COSOST. The Chief of Military Strategic Training, who is also the Deputy Chief of Staff OST, is the primary contact on location. Together with its Swiss Security Network (SSN) partners, Operational Studies and Training prepares armed forces staffs for managing crises and conflicts.

Adapting to modern threats

Modern crises are complex and demand coordinated action. Training on how to cooperate with civilian partners (CIMIC) in the context of the Swiss Security Network and cross-border cooperation has become increasingly important. Operational Studies and Training works with various civilian partners both within and outside the federal administration

Operational Studies and Training is responsible for:

  1. training at military strategic and operational levels
  2. planning, conducting and assessing armed forces exercises
  3. developing exercises scenarios, and
  4. training all senior staff officers.


Operational Studies and Training's professional personnel are supported by a staff of conscript personnel, who contribute their broad civilian knowledge and skills to staff courses and projects.


Operational Studies and Training is organised as follows:

Military Strategic Training prepares the Chief of the Armed Forces' military strategic staff for potential military operations. The focus lies on all federal administration levels (strategic command level) cooperating with Armed Forces Command, respectively Armed Forces Command cooperating with Joint Operations Command (operational command level). Training sequences and staff exercises are practised for military strategic training purposes.


Operational Studies and Training trains the Joint Operations Command in planning and commanding armed forces operations. In operational training exercises, selected topics of military doctrine are worked through, and the development of doctrinal knowledge gained is reviewed in follow-up exercises. The focus lies on the coordination between the military strategic and operational level, and between the operational level and the ground and air task forces, the territorial divisions and civilian partners.


The Foundations and Scenario development section devises plausible and challenging scenarios for military strategic and operational training exercises. It also devises contributions for superior authorities and for all operational studies and training sections. The section is also responsible for in-house knowledge management.



The training of senior staff officers complements their previous civilian and military training and is carried out at group events or, if required, in individual sessions.

The Chief of the Armed Forces has tasked the project manager of Senior Staff Officer Training with organising:

  • operational seminars
  • seminars for senior staff officers
  • conferences for senior staff officers.


These events focus on topical issues related to security policy, armed forces development and military operations. Specific operational decision-making exercises have been designed to develop senior staff officers' operational thinking.


Stab Operative Schulung

Chief of Operational Studies & Training

Operational Studies and Training Rodtmattstrasse 110
3003 Berne


Chief Foundations and Scenario development
lic. phil. I Stefan Räber
+41 (0)58 464 70 40