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Compliance & Controlling

Compliance & Controlling (CCM) supports the executive board of the MAA in the governance of quality aspects.

F101 Engine Hornet

Similar to a high-performance engine, which depends on a myriad of sensors, control circuits and minute corrections to motion controls for optimal performance, the CCM unit supports the MAA by ensuring the independent oversight of its processes. In this function, the CCM analyses process deviations and their root causes, and devises recommendations and corrective measures. The unit assesses process compliance through audits and inspections and issues reports on behalf of the Director MAA. This helps the Director MAA to define performance goals and verify their achievement.

The CCM unit also oversees qualified entities, promotes the integration of control loops into processes and supports the continuous improvement process.

The MAA maintains a corporate and quality policy, within which achievement of the operational requirements of the Swiss Air Force and ensuring the safe use of military air systems are central objectives. The guiding principle for achieving this can be best summarised as – Safety by Quality.


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