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Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Infrastructure

In the evolving environment of airspace structure optimisation and dynamic airspace management, the ATM & Infrastructure Authority within the Swiss MAA preserves the all-important access to airspace for military aircraft, according to current and future operational requirements and in the primary interest of air sovereignty. By doing so, it makes a vital contribution to the operational performance of the Swiss Air Force, while maintaining the required level of safety.


What we do:

  • The ATM & Infrastructure Authority issues regulations and standards for the provision of air navigation services for military air operations.
  • Typically, it fosters a broad understanding of military aviation as a total system by integrating air traffic management related aspects into procedures that are traditionally command-controlled.  It provides reports and studies to keep track of the overarching impact on national air power capabilities.
  • In any mission-related, restricted airspace environment, the ATM & Infrastructure Authority provides the chain of command with adequate and effective airspace coordination plans and orders.
  • The ATM & Infrastructure Authority acts as the MAA’s primary interface with the civil aviation authority for regulating national and cross-border air navigation services and for the strategic planning of air traffic management at a regulatory level. This includes gap analysis regarding
    the civil use of military aerodrome infrastructure and all necessary supervisory proceedings in this regard, such as audits and validations. It contributes to safe operations at every Swiss military aerodrome, by taking account of the specific needs and requirements for the infrastructure and by striving for smart harmonisation where beneficial. 

ATM & Infrastructure MAA Military Airbase
CH - 1530 Payerne
+41 58 466 20 25