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Airworthiness is the ability of an aviation system to provide safe operations for the intended use under approved conditions and limitations. New or modified Swiss military aircraft are subject to an airworthiness certification process leading to a military type certificate.


What wo do:

  • Verifies design or construction compliance with the aviation safety requirements. Its qualified certification engineers and the relevant experts define and verify compliance with these requirements and issue the relevant military type certificates and the major change approvals.
  • Makes sure that all aircraft produced or parts based on the approved type design meet the relevant aviation safety requirements. Qualified airworthiness inspectors examine their conformity to the type design and issue the appropriate certificates of airworthiness.
  • Makes sure that all airworthiness-related activities are performed within a controlled environment. Qualified aviation auditors monitor the approved military design, production, maintenance and continuing airworthiness management that provide services to Swiss military aviation. Where appropriate, these activities are performed in cooperation with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.
  • Delivers effective and coherent regulations that are consistent with MAA policy by involving the relevant experts and the persons and bodies concerned. The Swiss Military Airworthiness Authority is also working to harmonize military airworthiness requirements and its regulatory approach with other nations to simplify collaboration on aviation projects and to facilitate the recognition of foreign military airworthiness authorities in order to reduce duplications.

Airworthiness Authority MAA Seetalstrasse 175
CH - 6032 Emmen