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Air Operation

By all the technical evolution and different interests in airspace, energy and nature protection the OPS branch within the Swiss MAA preserves the military interests and requirement for the best operational performance of the Swiss Air Force.


What we do:

  • Air Operation Authority is responsible for the Operational Manual OM-A, which defines and regulates the procedures for carrying out missions with the highest possible level of safety.
  • It encourages the construction of alternative energy sources such as wind parks by analysing the impact on military systems and procedures. It coordinates and analyses the feasibility of such projects and keeps the control of all objects that might become a factor for the operation in military aviation.
  • It is responsible for the instrument flight rules (IFR), procedures and approaches to military airbases and networks. It also acts as interface for establishing new procedures and new technology systems.
  • It develops and implements guidelines and measures for achieving and maintaining environmental compliance and improving environmental performance. It protects the natural environment around military infrastructure and operations under control to fulfil the required military missions.

OM regulation

We are responsible for the OM-A operational manual, which defines and regulates procedures for performing missions with the highest possible safety requirements in mind.

Wind parcs

We analyze wind park requests - provided by developers - for their impact on the Swiss Air Force and its ways and means. We communicate and explain our analysis to concerned parties in detail, picking up on their input along the way to improve.

Obstacle Management

We keep an overview of all objects that might have an impact to the flight operations by the Swiss Air Force.

Instrument flight coordination

We oversight the approval of all Swiss Air Force IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) procedures. We issue approval of deviations and adaptions form ICAO design criteria's reflecting the special requirements for military high performance aircraft. We are responsible for the Swiss Air Force OM C implementation process.

Territory and environment

We develop and implement guidelines and measures for achieving and maintaining environmental compliance and improving environment performance. We represent the Swiss Air Force in the sector of the environmentin overarching project organizations, expert committees and working groups of the Federal Government.

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Air Operations MAA Military Airbase
CH - 1530 Payerne
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