Military Aviation Authority (MAA)

As the national representative of military aviation, the MAA must assume responsability in all areas of regulation. In collaboration with the FOCA, the MAA is responsible for ensuring the framework conditions for the reliable and durable development of aviation in Switzerland.



Deploying a new authority in a working environment is a tough challenge, but it is also a unique opportunity. This goal can only be achieved through an open, clear and concise communication in order to each rapidly a widespread acceptance. The MAA must be perceived, in the eyes of the regulated entities, as the oil of their mechanism and in no case as a spanner in the works.


The Military Aviation Authority is the responsible and independent organization for the regulation and supervision in military aviation. 

Goals MAA

  • Ensures a smooth integration of MAA processes into the existing processes of Swiss military Aviation.
  • Maintain active cooperation with internal und external partners and create favorable conditions to anchor and recognize the Swiss MAA as an independent authority.
  • Develop effective regulation and implement it as a newly created authority.

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