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Command Support Brigade 41

CS bde 41/SCS

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Command Support Brigade 41/systems – courses – support, CS Bde 41/SCS, manages the armed forces communications networks, the national government and military command and control facilities, and the electronic warfare and mobile signal intelligence systems. Working with professional organisations and conscript units, they guarantee sustainability in the provision of information and communications services and electronic operations, especially in extraordinary situations.

CS Bde 41/SCS also provides cryptology and linguistic services.

The CS SCS command staff provide the troop representatives in several command support armament projects, lead field tests, request the conformity with troop requirements of new systems, train professional staff and command support specialists from all armed forces units in handling specialist systems, and make sure data carriers are available when needed (Fill Gun, SM).


Badge FU Br 41/SKS

Kdo FU Br 41/SKS Kommandohaus
CH-8180 Bülach
+41 58 467 97 00
+41 58 467 98 46

Kdo FU Br 41/SKS

CH-8180 Bülach

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