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Armed Forces Command Support Organisation

With its services in ICT and electronic operations, the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation (AFCSO) ensures that the armed forces can accomplish their missions. It guarantees the command and control of the armed forces under all conditions.

The AFCSO supports the DDPS with information and communications technology (ICT). The AFCSO is also centre of excellence for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications in the DDPS. Furthermore, the AFCSO serves as the centre for electronic operations, i.e. anti-cyber attack operations, electronic warfare and cryptology.

With its communications resources and electronic operations, the AFCSO ensures that the Swiss Armed Forces are operational under all circumstances: in the normal situation, in crises, during disasters and conflicts. For this purpose, the AFCSO operates an independent communications network which provides for the secure exchange of all types of data. These are stored in especially safeguarded computing centres that are structurally protected against external influences.

The command support brigade (CS Bde 41/SCS) serves as the AFCSO’s military arm. With its 14 battalions and 12 000 servicemen and women, it ensures that for operations the services of the AFCSO can be sustained for longer periods. It also operates the command and control installations of the national government and the armed forces.





The AFCSO operates secure networks and systems

The AFCSO provides the resources for office IT and specialist applications throughout the entire DDPS, operates autonomous computing centres and secure connections and maintains the systems. To resolve application problems and malfunctions it maintains a support service.

Military Conscripts


The military conscripts provide for sustainability

With its professional staff and military conscripts, the CS Bde 41/SCS External website. Content opens in new window maintains the ICT services and electronic operations over longer periods. Among other resources, it also has specialists in line-of-sight communications, headquarters operation and electronic warfare.



The AFCSO protects networks and systems against damage

The AFCSO controls network activities, analyses cyberattack efforts and, on the basis of its findings, takes the necessary measures to protect computers and systems.

Network Surveillance


The CSO permanently monitors networks and systems

With its Mission Control Centre, where all information converges, the AFCSO centrally monitors and steers the networks and systems for the ICT purposes. For this, it has redundant systems at two separate locations.

Organisation of the AFCSO

Head of AFCSO

Major General Alain Vuitel is head of the Command Support Organisation as from 2020. Prior to this, he held the rank of Brigadier General as chief of Military Intelligence Service.

COO / Dep. Head of AFCSO

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for management and superior control of operations and projects of the Command Support Organisation (CSO). His tasks include in particular the alignment of plans according to contents and  the operational control of services. The units Staff Group, Personnel and Finances are directly subordinate to the COO.

Steering and Directives

The Steering and Directives division is in charge of management development and optimising services and process management in the AFCSO. It also issues directives for integral security and strategic alignment of the ICT.

CS Command and Support

The Command and Support division serves as interface to the agencies receiving services from the AFCSO. It supervises the entire provider service on behalf of the recipients.

Networks and Infrastructure

The Networks and Infrastructure division provides for the operation of fixed and mobile networks. These include the military radar stations and the autonomous and secure Swiss command and control network which guarantees the exchange of data in every situation.


The Platform division is responsible for the operation of stationary and mobile ICT platforms on behalf of service recipients. These include in particular servers and applications as well as management of the protected computing centres.


The Applications division ensures that the applications operate to the satisfaction of service recipients. These include in particular command and control systems, specialist systems and ERP applications.

Planning, Projects and Renewal

The Planning, Projects and Renewal division manages the technical renewal of CSO infrastructure. This includes planning and integration of new elements into the ICT platforms and steering the life cycle of products provided by the CSO.

EOC (Electronic Operations)

The Electronic Operations division is the centre of excellence for electronic operations and IT security. It obtains information for the Federal Intelligence Service and creates the conditions for electronic warfare operations. It is also in charge of computer network operations.

CS Bde 41 / SCS

With its professionals and military conscripts the CS Bde 41/SCS External website. Content opens in new window operates the communication networks, the command and control installations of the armed forces and the mobile electronic warfare systems. It ensures operational sustainability of ICT services and electronic operations in exceptional situations.

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Armed Forces Command Support Organisation AFCSO Stauffacherstr. 65/14
3003 Bern


Armed Forces Command Support Organisation AFCSO

Stauffacherstr. 65/14
3003 Bern

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