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Air policing missions

To maintain air sovereignty, the Swiss Air Force carries out "passive" (airspace monitoring operations and daily "active" air policing missions (interventions).



As part of their air policing activities, the air force checks that the flight routes of foreign government aircraft flying over Switzerland correspond with the diplomatic clearance they have been given. Such missions are called "live missions".

Air policing missions carried out to assist civilian aircraft or in response to serious violations of air sovereignty or air traffic rules are called "hot missions".

Since 2020 two armed combat aircraft are ready for operations round the clock, 365 days a year in case of emergency.

Air policing missions are usually carried out from Payerne Air Base, but in the event of adverse weather conditions or a runway closure, aircraft take off from Meiringen or Emmen air bases.

Sonic boom

During air policing operations, aircraft can reach supersonic speeds and cause a sonic boom at any time - even outside regular military flight hours. In these cases aircraft noise cannot be avoided, but the air force always endeavours to keep the number of supersonic flights to an absolute minimum and to adhere to the strict guidelines.