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Flight Safety



In the Swiss Air Force, flight safety is a continual process by which the risk of injury and damage to property can be reduced to and maintained at an acceptable level. The Flight Safety Unit supports Air Force Command in their decision-making process.

Air Force Safety Management System

Military aviation safety management includes all organisational measures and processes involved in the management of flight safety risks. In the Swiss Air Force, this is done using the Safety Management System (SMS).
Objective: Guaranteeing the Air Forces' best possible operational readiness and availability in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

Awareness Videos

Le lien ci-dessous vous conduit vers divers clips vidéo ayant trait à la sécurité des vols sur YouTube :


Air Safety Report (ASR)

Incidents and safety issues that have occurred during flight operations are recorded in the ASR, which is applicable for all Air Force aircrews, UAS crews, paratroopers from the Special Command Forces, and flight operation chiefs such as CFO, CAD, etc.

  • ASR
    PDF, 1 Pages, 76 KB


Maintenance Safety Report (MSR)

The MSR is used to record all special incidents and security gaps in flight operations. It applies to all employees of the LW who are responsible for the provision, operation, repair, maintenance and engineering of aircraft.

  • MSR
    PDF, 1 Pages, 672 KB


The RISK Report is used to detect safety deficiencies that occur during flight operations (in flight or on the ground).

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Flight Safety Section
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