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Shooting range bulletin

The Swiss Armed Forces make their military training areas accessible to civilians wherever possible. However, their first priority is always the needs of the troops. Military training areas and shooting ranges are generally considered restricted areas, and entering them is strictly prohibited unless stated otherwise.

Certain areas are open to the public for recreational activities during specific times at weekends and during free periods. There are usually rules in place to ensure the premises can be used in a way that is fair to all. It is important that everyone – people doing sports, walking their dogs, horseback riding or even just taking a walk – follows these rules.

For information on shooting times not listed here, please contact the regional information centre directly.


To see maps of the areas, visit

Shooting range bulletin



  • Entering the area at risk is life threatening and therefore prohibited. The instructions of the cordoning post must be followed. 
  • During live fire, red/white flags are raised, red/white balloons or (at night) 3 red lamps forming a triangle are set up. 
  • Any damage reports of third parties including damage to third parties must be reported immediately to the DDPS Damage Centre, Maulbeerstrasse 9, 3008 Bern. Hotline: 0800 11 33 44 or in writing with the ’Schadenanzeige’ form 33.001 which is available at
  • All liability is rejected for damage that arises from not observing the instructions of cordoning personnel and live fire notices.

Unexploded ordnance

Symbolbild Blindgänger nie berühren - markieren - melden

1. Never touch It is forbidden to touch in any way projectiles or ammunition pieces. Residual explosive ammunition may detonate even years afterwards and present a threat.


2. Mark Whoever detects a projectile or ammunition pieces must mark their location well visibly. If possible, the area around the unexploded ordnance should be cordoned off and third parties should be kept at bay.


3. Report Suspect findings can be reported at any time by dialling 117 (police), 058 481 44 44 (phone number of the National Unexploded Ordnance Reporting Centre) or with the UXOApp that can be found under the designation «Blindgänger» and downloaded free of charge. 


  • Should you, when you report, only have limited means of communication, report your discovery to us by phone number 117.
  • Or download our unexploded ordnance app from the Apple App Store (for i-phones) or the Google Play Store (for androids) by searching for the term «Blindgänger».
  • Otherwise, please use the report form.

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Regional information centre:

Koordinationsstelle 1

Postfach 208, CH-1110 Morges 1
Tel. +41 58 469 62 42

Koordinationsstelle 1

Koordinationsstelle 2

(BS, BL, SO, AG, LU, OW, NW)
Kaserne, CH-5001 Aarau
Tel. +41 58 481 32 32

Koordinationsstelle 2

Koordinationsstelle 3

Neuland 8, CH-6460 Altdorf
Tel. +41 58 481 42 42

Koordinationsstelle 3

Koordinationsstelle 4

Mingerstrasse 2, 9014 St.Gallen
Tel. +41 58 480 36 50

Koordinationsstelle 4

RAMS (Regionale Auskunftsstelle über Militärische Schiessen)

Koord Absch 41/42 (SH/TG/SG/ZH/GL)
Tel. +41 58 480 36 69