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Aircraft live fire warnings

Dammastock / Sustenhorn air force firing range

Dammastock / Sustenhorn area, map scale 1:50'000, sheet 255 Sustenpass (red = firing range borders)
Dammastock / Sustenhorn area, map scale 1:50'000, sheet 255 Sustenpass (red = firing range borders)

In this area, ‘air-to-air’ shooting exercises are carried out with combat aircraft canons, using air targets. For more information, view the live fire warnings posted in the vicinity and surrounding communes.

  • The original live fire warning is binding.
  • You can find a PDF copy below. It contains all relevant phone numbers for enquiries.


  • Entering the danger zone can be fatal and is therefore prohibited. The instructions on the cordoning posts must be followed.
  • During firing times, red/white flags, red/white balloons or (at night) three red lights will be set up in a triangle shape, in clear view along the perimeter of the danger zone and weapon positions.

Axalp air force firing range (LS-R6)

Black = Axalp firing range danger zone (map scale 1:25'000, sheet 1209)


The Meiringen Air Base Command issues the following live fire warnings to the local newspapers (Amtsanzeiger Oberhasli, Amtsanzeiger Interlaken).

In general, there are two live fire warnings per year:

  • the first one is issued in September for the October-December period
  • the second one is issued in the last week of December for the January-May period

with F/A-18 Hornet and F-5 Tiger II aircraft canons.

Firing times:

Monday through Friday, 8.45am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 4.30pm
(during refresher courses: 8.45am – 4.30pm)


Live fire exercises are indicated through red/white warning windsocks set up at the firing command post on the Tschingel.

Danger zone:

Map scale 1:25'000, sheet 1209 

  • all southern slopes between Oltschiburg Pt 2162/2234 - Pt 2152 - Sattel Pt 1943 - Pt 1959 - Axalphorn Pt 2321 - Tschingel Pt 2243;
  • the area to the east of Tschingel Pt 2243 - Pt 2108 - Lütschentälti (excluding cabins) – Torwangspitz;
  • all northern slopes between Torwangspitz - Gärstenhorn Pt 2798 - Gärstenlücke Pt 2673 - Pt 2780 - Wildgärst Pt 2890 - Pt 2886 - Pt 2686 - Pt 2701 - Pt 2715 - Pt 2640 - Garzen Pt 2709 - Pt 2371 - Wandelgrat Pt 2263 - Pt 2253 - Wandelhorn Pt 2303 – the area to the west of Wandelhorn Pt 2303 - Chüewang Pt 1666 - Bielen (excluding cabins) - Oltschiburg Pt 2162.



Entering the danger zone described above during the firing times listed is prohibited. As doing so is extremely dangerous, touching or picking up unexploded ordnances or parts of projectiles that may still contain explosives is strictly prohibited. It is possible for unexploded ordnances and projectile parts to explode even years after they were fired.

If you find an unexploded ordnance or part of a projectile that may still contain explosives, you must mark its location and report it to the Meiringen Air Base:

Tel +41 58 461 64 64 or 117.

We reserve the right to impose criminal sanctions in accordance with Art. 225 or other provisions of the Swiss Criminal Code.

We request that you comply with these rules. The military authorities accept no responsibility whatsoever for any accident resulting from non-compliance.

For further information, in particular in regard to the definite firing dates and security measures, contact the Meiringen Air Base: +41 58 461 64 64.


The original live fire warning is binding. You can find a PDF copy below. 

  • Axalp firing range danger zone
    This PDF shows the same map as the JPEG image above, but in a significantly higher resolution (preferable in particular for printing).
    12.09.2017 | PDF, 1 Pages, 6 MB, German

Lake Neuchâtel air force firing range (LS-R4) / Place de tir d'aviation du lac de Neuchâtel (LS-R4)

LS-R4 restricted flight zone (military pilot’s map)

The firing events that take place on Lake Neuchâtel and are coordinated in Forel (FR) are carried out on individual days

Monday through Friday, 9am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 4pm

Exercises with F/A-18 Hornets and F-5 Tiger II aircraft are carried out during these times.