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Troop psychology

In general, troop psychology consists of psychological counselling, emergency psychology and training.


Troop psychology is an autonomous field of military psychology that includes the application of psychological knowledge and methods as required in the preparation, support and follow-up of the engagement.

Modern armed forces use troop psychological counsellors to support the psychological health of soldiers. All the Military personnel, soldiers and officers, have the right to receive psychological advice and assistance (Art. 31 LAAM) at any time and in any situation. This is achieved by trained specialists who provide professional support to military personnel.

The work of PPS A specialists in troop psychology is a professional extension of - and not a substitute for - comrade and leader support.




The employees and militia specialists of the PPS A are subject to official and professional secrecy for an unlimited period of time.

Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A) Caserne
CH-3609 Thoune
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Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A)

CH-3609 Thoune

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