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The PPS A offers internships of 6 months duration to students and young graduates in psychology. These internships are recognised by the universities: at the end of the internship you will receive a certificate for the validation of your ECTS.


Doing an internship at PPS A can offer different opportunities, such as 

  • the application of knowledge acquired during your university studies. You will have the opportunity to accompany our specialist officers and then be assisted by them during psychological interviews; 
  • support projects. You will have the opportunity to participate in interesting and challenging projects. Depending on the progress of the projects, you will be able to help us in the development of the projects as well as in the implementation;
  • to accompany us during instructions (psychological preparation) for army engagements and deployments;
  • take part in scientific research in our department; 
  • work in a multidisciplinary environment (psychologists, doctors, andragogues, social workers, chaplains, etc.), so you can expand your professional network.

By offering this internship, we want to give students and young graduates the opportunity to gain practical experience in a unique context and in a multidisciplinary environment. Reconciling academic studies, psychology and the army is quite possible: try it to believe it!

At the PPS A, the opportunities do not stop at the end of your internship. Indeed, at the end of your internship and depending on the department's availability, you may become a PPS A specialist, join the Care Team, or, depending on the development of the project, specialise in troop psychology.

If you are interested in doing an internship at the PPS A, please send us your CV and motivation letter and fill in the form here. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



«My internship at PPS A allowed me to reconcile my military and academic experience. Moreover, I was able to combine these two worlds that I thought were far apart and deepen my academic knowledge in a dynamic and stimulating environment.»

(Sofia, psychology student)


«When I reached the age of recruitment, I decided to continue my studies. Today I have the opportunity to combine psychology with the military through an internship at PPS A. In this department I was able to collaborate on many projects and exchange with professionals from different fields.»

(Kate, psychologist)




The employees and militia specialists of the PPS A are subject to official and professional secrecy for an unlimited period of time.

Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A) Caserne
CH-3609 Thoune
+41 800 11 33 55


Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A)

CH-3609 Thoune

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