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The Psycho-Pedagogical Service of the Army (PPS A) is responsible for the employment of all psychological specialists in the Swiss Armed Forces. In addition, it is responsible for and coordinates the specialised areas of military psychology.


This includes psychological counselling, training and further education in the psychological field as well as emergency psychological assistance, Care. Recruitment, personnel management, logistics, command support and PPS A operations abroad are also part of our department's responsibilities. For unplanned operations in Switzerland and abroad, the staff of the PPS A is committed to creating and maintaining favourable conditions for its militia members. The latter are incorporated and organised in a specialised staff, respectively in the headquarters (HQ PPS A).

The 240 or so militia specialists work in a planned manner, individually or in small groups, throughout the year. They can be found wherever they are needed. They are led by a (militia) head of the headquarters (HQ). The HQ has a staff that is responsible for the planning and deployment of the specialised staff of the PPS A. On request and if necessary, it can support a larger deployment (a mobilisation). In addition, the head of the HQ leads the areas of counselling, training and, successively, a detachment with troop psychologists.




The employees and militia specialists of the PPS A are subject to official and professional secrecy for an unlimited period of time.

Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A) Caserne
CH-3609 Thoune
+41 800 11 33 55


Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A)

CH-3609 Thoune

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