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Our service offers instruction, further training and support specifically for training and intervention in Switzerland and abroad. Our training courses cover all stages of deployment: from pre-deployment training to repatriation, demobilisation and afterCare - including accompaniment.


We continuously refine our services through intense research and exchange with external institutions and professionals. In fact, we collaborate with psychological and adult education centres and maintain specialised international cooperation.  

The PPS A supports the SWISSINT Competence Centre in the mental preparation of military personnel engaged in peace-building service during all phases of their deployment abroad.

During the CORONA20 engagement, PPS A also made an important contribution to the maintenance of the psychological health of the military personnel by offering them training on resilience and stress management.




The employees and militia specialists of the PPS A are subject to official and professional secrecy for an unlimited period of time.

Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A) Caserne
CH-3609 Thoune
+41 800 11 33 55


Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A)

CH-3609 Thoune

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