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Psycho-Pedagogical Service of the Army

The Psycho-Pedagogical Service of the Army offers confidential, professional and independent support to all military personnel.

As in civilian life, psychological difficulties cannot and should not be neglected in military life. That is why the PPS A uses a scientific approach and impeccable ethics to support all military personnel in need of advice or in psychological distress.

The PPS A is the unit specialised in troop psychology, psychological counselling, emergency psychology and instruction of army members.

As a specialised service for troop and emergency psychology, we support the Swiss Armed Forces and their members in all aspects of engagement. As a recognised partner, we make an important contribution to the basic Care and health maintenance of the troops with our psychological services.

Whether it's on a mission or during recruit school, the PPS A is there to support you.

Missions of the PPS A

Emergency psychology


The Army's Care Team provides emergency psychological support to military personnel and their families after potentially traumatic events. It is also responsable for guiding and to coordinate the Care engagements.

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Psychological counselling


Our pecialists stand beside military personnel with psychological problems. Our aim is to support the military personnel in difficult situations related to military service.

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The PPS A is responsible for psycho-education (didactic intervention) and for the training and further education of psychological issues among military personnel. In addition, the PPS A is responsible for the psychological preparation of deployments in Switzerland and abroad.

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Troop psychology

Troop psychological counsellors accompany the army's planned and unplanned operations. Among other things, the specialists advise the leadership, train soldiers on psychological matters and provide individual counselling.

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Become a member of the PPS A

Becoming a PPS A specialist


The PPS A is responsible for the training of specialists and ensures the quality of the psychological follow-up of serving military personnel.

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The PPS A coordinates the specialised areas of troop psychology and ensures the commitment of psychological specialists. How do we achieve this? Thanks to a dynamic and tailor-made organisation within the Army!

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The PPS A is open to psychology students and recent graduates who wish to gain work experience and get to know the PPS A more closely. Our internship is recognized by universities.

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The employees and militia specialists of the PPS A are subject to official and professional secrecy for an unlimited period of time.

Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A) Caserne
CH-3609 Thoune
+41 800 11 33 55


Psycho-pedagogical service of the army (PPS A)

CH-3609 Thoune

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