Drafting women into the army the Norwegian way


June 15, 2022 | The Swiss defence ministry is studying the option of drafting women into the army as part of a larger effort to boost the military. What can Switzerland learn from Norway, the country that inspired the gender-neutral conscription model currently under review?


Nachbefragung Studie «Sicherheit 2022»


Mit dem Krieg in der Ukraine blicken Schweizerinnen und Schweizer pessimistischer in die Zukunft. Der Krieg führt zu einer kritischeren Sicht auf die Schweizer Neutralität. Zudem wollen Schweizerinnen und Schweizer die Verteidigungsfähigkeit der Schweiz stärken. Deshalb werden eine gute Ausbildung und Ausrüstung der Armee gefordert.


Armed Forces Training Centre | YouTube


This clip shows the professionalism of the Armed Forces Training Centre and the diversity of the tasks it performs.

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Military Power Revue Nr. 2/19

Serie December 2019

The Military Power Revue is an open forum. It shall encourage study and discussion on pertinent topics of security related relevance, particularly with regard to the application of military power.

Military Power Revue Nr. 2/19

FLIR Operations | YouTube


The Super Puma equipped with FLIR, the Forward Looking Infrared System, has become the Air Force’s “eye in the sky”. Whether for assisting the police with a missing person search or carrying out airborne reconnaissance for the armed forces, a helicopter and its crew are on standby 365 days a year.

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The Swiss army: your questions answered


June 13, 2022 | In Switzerland, all able-bodied men complete compulsory military service, while others opt for a civilian service. But how useful is a conscript army in light of what Russia did to Ukraine? This is one of many questions SWI readers sent to us. Daniel Reist, head of media relations for the Swiss armed forces, takes a shot at answering them.


Sicherheit 2022


Im Januar 2022, also vor Beginn des Krieges in der Ukraine, gewichtete die Schweizer Stimmbevölkerung Sicherheit höher als Freiheit, fühlte sich sicher und hatte grosses Vertrauen in Institutionen.

Sicherheit 2022



Mines, cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war cannot just be switched off. Even decades after a conflict, they remain active, and ready to kill and injure. Year after year, they kill and maim thousands of people. Mines and duds stop displaced people from returning, impede sustainable development and constitute an obstacle to peace.

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Get ready! The new sport app ready #teamarmee | YouTube


Ready for recruitment? To be physically and mentally fit for boot camp has always been a challenge for young men eligible for military service. Now the Swiss Armed Forces, together with the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO), has developed an app designed to help preparing young men physically for the fitness test on Assessment Day.

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The Centre of Excellence for the Armed Forces Mountain Service | YouTube


Switzerland. Around two thirds of the country consists of mountainous or often inaccessible terrain. Considerable differences in altitude, narrow valleys and steep mountainsides.

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Concept – Future of the Armed Forces


May 01, 2022 | Summary of the three Concept Papers: «Future of Ground Forces», «Air Defence of the Future» and «General Concept for Cyber and Electromagnetic Capabilites».

Future of the Armed Forces

Patrouille Suisse 2022


Learn all about the Patrouille Suisse.


Patrouille Suisse | Photos


Patrouille Suisse is the official Swiss Air Force jet aerobatic display team.

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Meiringen Air Base | YouTube


Meiringen Air Base, in the heart of the Berner Oberland, demands expert flying skills. It is one of the Swiss Air Force's three fighter aircraft bases, and home to Fighter Squadron 11. With over 200 employees, Meiringen Air Base is one of the most important employers in the Berner Oberland.

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PC-7 TEAM 2019 | Publication


Happy Birthday! Happy 30th birthday! Since 1989 the PC-7 TEAM has brought elegance and precision at the highest level in the sky and constantly added new elements to its programme.


Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM | Video


For 30 years, the PC-7 Team of the Swiss Air Force has been synonymous with Swiss precision, dynamism and elegance. All nine team members carry out their duties in addition to their daily tasks as F/A-18 pilots.

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