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Beech Model 350C Super King Air

Transport aircraft
Place of operation

Manufacturer: Raytheon Aircraft Corporation, USA
Year of Manufacture: 1993
Capacity: 2 pilots, 8 passengers
Number of aircraft procured: 1

Registration: T-721

The twin-engine Super King Air was formerly matriculated as HB-GII. This machine with an operational ceiling of 10,000 m, was taken into service by the Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) on 30 November 1993. It is equipped with two precision aerial photography cameras and a GPS navigation system. It flies at a constant altitude for surveying.

Technical data  
Flight weight: 7'800 kg
Max. speed: 550 km/h
Range: 2'000 km
Flight endurance: max. 4.5 hours
Special equipment: FMS Universal UNS-1, navigation system, 2 optical windows, glass floor panels, bubble window, clear overall view for the operator, cargo door, allows rapid installation/ removal of the survey system
Cruising speed: TAS 287 kts
Max. speed: Mach 0.58
Photography speed: IAS 120 - 184 kts
Survey equipment  
Kameras Leica RC-30, mit PTW-30 und NSF3
Objektive 15 cm, 21 cm und 30 cm Brennweite
Spezialausrüstung Leica PAV-30, Girostabilisierte Plattformen
  GIM, Interface to navsystem, camera-control and narration of pics