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Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter

Transport aircraft
Place of operation

Designed by: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Stans, Switzerland
Year of manufacture: 1966 (12 Porter) and 1975 (6 Turbo-Porter)
Purpose: Transport, air-rescue, liaison, para-scouts
Crew: 1 pilot; 7 passengers or up to 10 parascouts
Commenced service: 1967
Number of aircraft procured: 18
Number of aircraft still in service: 15 (as per january 2015)

Registration: V-630 to V-635; V-612 to V-623

The Swiss Air Force utilizes the Pilatus Porter PC-6 as a light transport category aircraft. Its robust design and short-field take-off and landing capability allows it to operate in nearly every region.

Technical data  
Max. speed: 280 km/hr
Average cruising speed: 220 km/hr
Max. rate of climb: 10 m/s
Max. flightlevel: 7600 m/asl
Max. flight endurance: 3 hours
Max. range: 650 km
Structure: Tapered high wing, all-metal fuselage
Length: 11 m
Height: 3.2 m
Width span: 15.2 m
Empty mass: 1400 kg
Permissable load: 1370 kg
Max. take-off mass (MTOM): 2770 kg
Engine: Model Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 (575 PS)
Type: Free-spool turbo-prop
Max. Rpm: 33000 rev/Min
Equipment: Dual cockpit controls, flaps, equipped for instrument and night flying