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Northrop F-5F Tiger II

Training aircraft
Combat aircraft
Place of operation

Manufacturer: Northrop Corporation, Hawthonre, California, USA
Final construction: Federal aircraft construction plant Emmen (today's RUAG Aviation)
Year of Manufacture: 1976 and 1983/84
Purpose: Zone protection
Crew: 1 Pilot
Commenced service: 1976
Number of aircraft procured: 12
Number of aircraft still in operation: 5 (as per May 2021; without F-5E, single-seat fighter)

Registration: J-3201 to J-3212

Technical data  
Max. speed: 1'630 km/hr or Mach 1.56
Max. rate of climb: 166 m/s
Max. flightlevel: 16'000 m/M
Flight endurance: 2 hours
Range: 956 km
Structure: Self-supporting low wing aeroplane, spear headed trapezoidal wings, all-metal
Length: 15.75 m
Height: 4.01 m
Width span: 8.13 m
Empty mass: 5'050 kg
Permissable load: 2'500 kg resp. 3'510 kg
Flight mass: 11'060 kg
Engine: Model J85-GE-21A (two per plane)
Manufacturer: General Electric, USA
Type: Axial-straight turbine
Idle rpm bench: 8'300 rev/min
full tonnage: 16'600 rev/min
Maximum thrust without afterburner each 1'557 daN
Maximum thrust with afterburner each 2'224 daN
Equipment: Ejection seat, pressurized cabin, retractable gear, brake shut, speed brakes, instrument and night-flight equipped
Armaments: Cannons, guided missiles