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Northrop F-5E Tiger II

Combat aircraft
Place of operation

Manufacturer: Northrop Corporation, Hawthorne, California, USA
Final construction: Federal aircraft construction plant Emmen (today's RUAG Aviation)
Year of Manufacture: 1976 and 1983/84
Purpose: Raumschutz
Crew: 1 pilot
Commenced service: 1978
Number of aircraft procured: 98
Number of aircraft still in operation: 20 (as per May 2021; without F-5F, two-seat fighter)

Registration: J-3001 to J-3098

At the end of the seventies, the retirement of the Venom and the increased use of the Hunter aircraft for air-to-ground attack caused a gap in the field of area air-defence which was to be closed with the Northrop F-5E Tiger II.

In 1976, after thorough evaluation, the parliament decided on the procurement of 72 Tiger fighter aircraft, 66 of the type F-5E (single seater) and 6 of the type F-5F (double seater). The parts and assemblies were manufactured in the USA, but the Swiss Federal Aircraft Factory, Emmen, carried out the final assembly.


Technical data  
Max. speed: Mach 1.64 or 1,700 km/h
Take-off speed: 145 kts / 270 km/h
Landing speed: 155 ktd / 290 km/h
Take-off roll: 610 m
Initial climb speed: 174 m/s
Service ceiling: 15,590 m over sealevel
Max. load factor: +7,3 / -3,9 g
Flight endurance: 2 hours
Range: 1,056 km
Ferry flight range: 3.100 km (with an additional 1,000 litre tank)
Structure: Structure: Low wing cantilever aircraft, swept back tapered wing, all metal construction
Length: 14.68 m
Height: 4.06 m
Width span: 8.13 m
Empty mass: 4,350 kg
Take-off mass: 7,080 kg
Max. take-off mass: 11,180 kg
Engine: 2 General Electric Model J85-GE-21A
Type: Axial-straight turbine
Idle rpm bench: 8,300 rev/min
Full tonnage: 16,600 rev/min
Maximum thrust without afterburner: 3,114 daN (each 1,557 daN)
Maximum thrust with afterburner: 4,448 daN (each 2,224 daN)
Equipment: Ejection seat, pressurized cabin, retractable gear, brake shut, speed brakes, instrument and night-flight equipped
Armaments: 2 guided air - air missiles SIWA AIM-9P,
2 20 mm bordcannons M 39 (560 rounds)
External carriage: 3,170 kg, additional tanks