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35mm anti-aircraft gun

This anti-aircraft gun is automatically adjusted according to the firing data transmitted by the fire control unit. With its hand control, laser range-finding sight and integrated computer, the gun can be deployed autonomously.

Place of operation

The anti-aicraft gun is automatically controlled by the fire control system. On electronic manual control and with a visor with laser-distance measuring unit based on an autonomuous computer, the gun can be operated independently. 

Waffe 2 pressure-loaded automatic machine-guns type 35 mm
Wirkungsdistanz up to 4 km
Vo 1175 m/s
Kadenz 550 rounds/min per barrel, total 1100 rounds per gun
Gewicht 7700 kg (gun redy to operate)
Munition explosive incendiary shell with tracer explosive incendiary shell with ground fuse
Feuereinheit Ein Feuerleitgerät und zwei 35 mm Flab Kanonen 63/12 One control-unit and two 35mm AA-guns 63/12

Fire control system 75/10 (Flt Gt 75/10)

The fire control system SKYGUARD forms, along with the 35mm AA gun 63/12, a mobile all-weather-fire control system for low altitude defence. The Flt Gt 75/10 recognises and tracks targets independently. All firing information is transferred automaticly to the guns. 

Radar                      Search- and tracking-radar, pulse-radar
Weight 5500 kg