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Special Forces Command (SFC)

The Special Forces Command (SFC) is an instrument of the operational and strategic command echelons for safeguarding security policy interests in all situations.

The SFC is directly subordinated to the Joint Operations Command. This short chain of command ensures a rapid deployment of the special forces and access to operational and strategic resources.
The Special Forces Command (SFC) consist of:

  • SFC staff (conscript/professional);
  • SFC HQ Battalion (conscript);
  • 20th grenadier battalion (conscript);
  • 30th grenadier battalion (conscript);
  • 17th Para-Reconnaissance Company (conscript);
  • 10th Armed Forces Reconnaissance Detachement (professional);
  • Military Police Special Detachement (professional);
  • Special Forces Training Center;
  • Swiss Parawings Company (conscript).

The mission set of the SFC comprise:

  • protection of civilian and military personnel and property;
  • special police and security services;
  • military assistance;
  • special reconnaissance;
  • repatriation of persons;
  • rescue and liberation of persons;
  • direct action.

These tasks can be provided at all times by the professional units. In case of a continuing high threat level, the conscript units can effectively reinforce overall performance and sustainability, particularly in the areas of special reconnaissance and direct action.
In addition, the SFC is the Swiss Armed Forces' center of excellence and responsible for training and development in the following areas:

  • precision shooting;
  • military parachuting;
  • heliborne techniques,
  • survival techniques and field life;
  • explosive entry techniques;
  • amphibious infiltration techniques;
  • personal and close protection;
  • police intervention techniques;
  • rescue and liberation;
  • air-ground integration.

Commander: Colonel GS Nicola Guerini


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Special Forces Command (SFC) Caserma
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Special Forces Command (SFC)

CH-6802 Rivera

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