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Top level sport in the Swiss Armed Forces

Sports soldier Jolanda Neff wins gold at the Olympics in Tokyo. ©KEYSTONE/AFP/Greg Baker

The Swiss Armed Forces (SAF) support federations and their athletes through various funding programmes to establish themselves in international top level sport, strengthen elite sport and enable long-term international success.

The Armed Forces offer the following funding opportunities:

  • Top level sports recruit school (RS)
  • Top level sports refresh courses (WK)
  • Employment as a temporary military top athlete (ZM)
  • Qualified athlete

The support measures of the Swiss Armed Forces are fundamentally subsidiary, which means that they are only effective in conjunction with the measures of the sports federation. The integration of the support programmes into the federation's planning (top level sports support concept) is a prerequisite for benefiting from the Swiss Armed Forces' support.

Commitment, military behaviour and visibility

The SAF's promotion is not only important for sport, but also for the Swiss Armed Forces themselves. Sports soldiers are role models. For this reason, correct military behaviour and 100% commitment are required.

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