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Military Academy (MILAC) at ETH Zurich


The Military Academy at ETH Zurich is the educational institution for the education, training and development of career officers of the Swiss Armed Forces. It is also an internationally recognized centre of competence for military sciences as well as for the assessment centre of the armed forces. MILAC trains and educates career officers on the basis of a science-based value-oriented and practical foundation. It is the leading institution in Switzerland conducting research in military sciences at the university level, promoting both scientific knowledge and excellence in teaching. The assessment centres operated at MILAC aim to professionally select and develop persons designated to take up key leadership functions in the armed forces. MILAC contributes substantially to fulfilling the mission of the armed forces and hence to the security and stability of Switzerland.



Military Academy (MILAC) at ETH Zurich Kaserne Reppischtal
CH-8903 Birmensdorf
+41 58 484 82 82