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Armed Forces Professional NCO School NCOS


The armed forces NCO school is the (educational institution) training center for professional NCOs of all troop categories of the Swiss armed forces.

During their two-year basic training, senior non-commissioned officers are equipped with the necessary knowledge in order to successfully lead and train within recruit schools and colleges.

Supplementary training courses prepare experienced NCOs for their new roles.

A large number of civilian and military personnel take part in further education courses every year at the Armed Forces Professional NCO School.

The school is also responsible for the international training within the framework of Roadmap interoperability for professional NCOs.



NCOS | Military Terminology Training for professional NCO 1-2024

First steps in the NATO environment.


NCOS | NCO Advanced Leadership Course 2_2023 in Switzerland/ Kriens

Get out of your comfort zone and show what you're made of.


NCOS | NCO intermediate Leadership Course 2_2023 in Switzerland/ Neuchlen

The Swiss international intermediate leadership course is without doubt one of the most diverse and challenging leadership courses I’ve ever attended.


NCOS | Terminology Training II-23

Preparatory course at national level in relation to NATO in order to be able to converse, introduce yourself and represent the Swiss Armed Forces internationally.


NCOS | NCO intermediate Leadership Course 1_2023 in Switzerland/ Neuchlen

This is a leadership course that is different than the one you would get in your own country


NCOS | NCO Advanced Leadership Course 1_2023 in Switzerland/ Kriens

a perfect time at the Advanced Leadership Course in Switzerland


NCOS | Intermediate Leadership Course 2-2022 in Switzerland/ Neuchlen

As a leader you are responsible for the group development process "Staff Sergeant Bas Verdonschot NL"


NCOS | Intermediate Leadership Course 2022 in Switzerland/ Neuchlen
First Sergeant Angelica Flores Moreno ESP©VBS/DDPS, Komm BUSA

Intermediate Leadership Course; challenging and inspiration


NCOS | TT BU 1_2022 in Switzerland/ Herisau
Participants TT BU

TT BU, a course which should be attended by everyone


NCOS | Advanced Leadership Course 1_2022 in Switzerland/ Kriens
Teacher hands over certificate ©VBS/DDPS, Komm BUSA

Advanced Leadership Course, a course that generates added value for everyone


NCOF | Msgt. Moises Gomez

An opportunity for personal development

NCO Leadership Courses


Brochure BUSA

Information about the Professional NCO School and the training offered 

The Commander

Berufsunteroffiziersschule der Armee BUSA Kasernenstrasse 40
CH-9100 Herisau
+41 58 481 76 76



9100 Herisau

Berufsunteroffiziersschule der Armee BUSA

Kasernenstrasse 40
CH-9100 Herisau

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