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Military Aviation Authority (MAA)

The MAA in its regulatory role provides, through coordination with FOCA, the framework within which the Air Force and other state players in military aviation can evolve as freely, efficiently and safely as possible.



In its oversight role, the MAA helps state players to comply with the regulations, identify variations and divergences, and propose mitigating action. The MAA provides a coherent procedure for the certification of new systems. The MAA facilitates the identification of roles and responsibilities on a daily basis as well as in the event of incidents or accidents. It is responsible for defending the interests of military aviation in Switzerland and abroad.

Our mission

The MAA is the independent organisation responsible for regulation and oversight in military aviation, and has the following objectives:

  • It creates the framework required to ensure operational
  • efficiency with the optimum degree of safety => Regulation
  • it monitors compliance and initiates corrective measures => Oversight
  • it ensures that risks are addressed appropriately and are accepted according to the right level => Risk management
  • it promotes a culture of safety in aviation => Culture
  • it represents in the area of responsibility the interests of Swiss military aviation at national and international levels => Doctrine unit

Our vision

With service continuity as our first priority, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure the smooth integration of MAA processes into the etablished activities of Swiss military Aviation;
  • maintain active cooperation with internal und external partners and create favorable conditions for establishing the Swiss MAA as an independent authority;
  • develop an effective regulatory system and implement it as a newly created authority.






Director Military Aviation Authority

Military Aviation Authority Military Airbase
CH-1530 Payerne
+41 58 460 20 25


Military Aviation Authority

Military Airbase
CH-1530 Payerne