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Lieutenant General Hans-Peter Walser

Chief of Training and Education Command / Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces

Hans-Peter Walser


Lieutenant General Walser heads the Training and Education Command. He is responsible for the basic readiness and the training of the armed forces. As a member of Armed Forces Command and Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces, he is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces.

As Chief of Training and Education Command, he also has overall responsibility for the Armed Forces Training Centre Command, the infantry, engineer/rescue and NBC, and armour/artillery and logistics training units, the Armed Forces College, the Armed Forces Personnel and the Women in the Armed Forces and Diversity Office.

2021 Additional appointment as Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces
2020 Lieutenant General, Chief of Training and Education Command
2018 Commander Territorial Division 2
2016 Commander Territorial Region 2
2013 Major general, head of Armed Forces Staff
2010 Head of Armed Forces Planning / deputy head of Armed Forces Staff
2008 Brigadier general, head of Armed Forces Personnel
2005 Colonel General Staff
2004 Head of armed forces staff section
2000 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff
1998 Major General Staff, commander mechanised rifle battalion
1997 Captain GS, General Staff officer in field division staff
1993 Captain, commander support weapons company
2006 Naval Postgraduate School, Defence Resources Management Institute, Monterey, CA, USA
2004 Head of Armed Forces and Armament Planning in the Armed Forces Planning Staff
2002 National Defence University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), Washington, D.C., USA
1998 Personal assistant and assigned staff officer to the Chief of General Staff
1997 In addition, team leader and class teacher in General Staff courses  at the infantry training centre and at officers’ school
1996 Military academy unit officer of instruction and class teacher at mechanised infantry schools



Office: Papiermühlestrasse 14
CH - 3003 Bern