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Major General Guy Vallat

Defence Attaché in Paris

Guy Vallat


Major General Vallat is defence attaché at the Swiss Embassy in Paris. He safeguards Switzerland’s security policy and armed forces interests in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. He is accountable to the head of International Relations in the Armed Forces Staff.

2021 Major General, Defence Attaché in Paris accredited to France, Belgium and Luxembourg
2015 Brigadier general, Commander Logistics Training Unit
2007 Colonel GS
2004 Chief of staff in crisis management staff of Swiss Raid Commando
2002 Chief of staff of Swiss Raid Commando
2000 Lieutenant colonel GS
1999 Infantry battalion commander
1998 Major General Staff, field division officer GS
1997 Officer assigned to a field division commander
1994 Captain, commander rifle headquarters company
2013 Deputy chief of staff in the Operational Training Staff
2010 Chief of staff of infantry training unit
2008 Commander infantry cadre schools
2006 Commander infantry recruit school
2004 Commander infantry cadet officer school
2002 Deputy commander infantry officer school
2001 Cours supérieur breveté d’état-major, Institut Royal Supérieur de Défense, Bruxelles
2000 Class teacher at infantry officer school
1998 Officer of instruction at anti-tank schools
1989 Officer of instruction at infantry recruit school



Office: Rodtmattstrasse 110
CH-3003 Bern